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Presentations and Projects for Media and Technology:

Date/Description Website
Doceri for teaching math - MCC Math Department Dec 2014 Hands on workshop on using Doceri to create tutorials and answer student questions.
Best (and least expensive) Tech for Flipping at ICTCM March 2014
San Antonio, TX
Tech for Flipping
Livescribe presentations at ISTE June 2012
San Diego, CA
3 presentations throughout ISTE on how I use the Livescribe smartpen in my classes
Educational Advisory Board Livescribe Meeting

June 2012
San Diego, CA

eInstruction Sales Team Presentation May 2012
Scottsdale, AZ
gave a 3 hour presentation to the sales team at eInstruction on how I use the Mobi 360 and clickers

ICTMC 2012
Hands-On workshop
(Livescribe smartpen and Mobis)

March 23, 2012 (12:30-2:15)
Orlando, FL

website for workshop
Hands-on workshop on using Livescribe smartpen, Mobis and ipads
Future Teachers of Arizona
(state conference)

March 2, 2012
Grand Canyon University (AZ)

Implementing Technology Strategies in Teaching
Classroom 2.0
webinar on Livescribe smartpen
December 10, 2011 (10am MTN)
Classroom 2.0 LIVE
MCC CTL presentation
Livescribe smartpen training
November 22, 2011
Mesa, AZ
My Livescribe Resource website

Phoenix College
Livescribe presentation

November 18, 2011
Phoenix, AZ
Resource site for Workshop
SDCUE 2011
Hands-on workshop for Livescribe smartpens

November 5, 2011
San Diego, CA

My SDCUE workshop
MCC Math Dept Clicker Training

Aug 2011
Mesa, AZ

Presented a hands-on workshop on how to use the eInstruction CPS Pulse clickers to the MCC Math Department.

Website for the training, along with other materials
ISTE 2011
Co-present with other Livescribe educators and present at several poster sessions

June 2011
Philadelphia, PA

Presenting with several other Livescribe Educators on how the smartpen has helped teaching and learning from K-college!


Educational Advisory Board Meeting - Livescribe May 2011
San Francisco, CA

Math Dialogue Day
Technology Trends Panel Member

April 2011
Scottsdale, AZ

Preparing Students for Success in Math is the overall topic for the day. The panel members for this discussion are to present what their department is doing with technology and how they themselves are using technology to promote student success in their own math courses.



March 2011
Denver, CO

I will be teaching a 2 hour hands-on workshop to teachers on how to use the eInstruction Mobi Workspace software, and the Livescribe smartpens
ICTMC Website for the workshop
Oct 2010
Scottsdale, AZ

I gave an 8 hour hands-on workshop with some colleagues on using the Mobi and Livescribe smartpens. We built the activities around Bloom's Taxonomy and Blended Learning.

ATLAST Website for Workshop
blog post

July 2010
Tucson, AZ

I gave an 3 1/2 hour hands-on workshop on using the Mobi, Livescribe smartpens, Animation-ish,Google websites, and Jing.
ACTEAz Workshop

July 2010
Mesa, AZ

I gave a half-day workshop for the President's office at Mesa Community College on how to set up and use their Livescribe smartpens and how to use the transcription software to convert the handwriting to text.


Presentation at ISTE

June 2010
Denver, CO

I co-presented with the president of Livescribe, Inc Jim Marggraff at an invitational breakfast during ISTE.

Blog post
about ISTE Presentation

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Maricopa Tech Presentation May 2010
Mesa, AZ

I co-presented with a colleague on how to use the Livescribe smartpen and Mobi to teach Hybrid and Blended Learning classes and Maricopa Tech 2010.
Maricopa Tech



Livescribe Interview of me on using the smartpen to teach - Video Interview

Description/Date Website
Community College Week I was published in the Magazine's technology insert: Technology Update for the Fall 2010 Community College Week magazine. They do have a link for the pdf version on the web. pdf version of the article
The Future of Education
I was asked to write about my thoughts on the future of education for The Future of Education
Livescribe Education
Blog Articles

I have written 5 articles that have been published on Livescribe's Education blog:

*Off to a Great Semester with Technology
*Students Helping Students
*From Traditional To Innovative
*Replacing Overheads with Livescribe
*The Beginning of My Livescribe Pencast Journey

Off to a Great Semester With Technology
Students Helping Students
From Traditional to Innovative
Replacing Overheads with Livescribe
The Beginning of My Livescribe Pencast Journey


Media Production
and Consulting
Authored and coded math content for a new product for a large textbook company.
Designed, Created and Published Teaching Videos using Camtasia and eInstruction's Workspace Software. Also created videos on using the Livescribe smartpen and hands-on tools using a Lumens Ladibug document camera.
Created pencasts for schools across the US to use in their after school program to help students with math.
Designed and Created Flash Animated Tutorials for Math For Elementary Teacher's Course and Algebra Courses.
Reviewer for media such as videos and Flash animations for several companies.
Mapped videos to interactive textbooks.
Beta tester for several new teaching technologies.

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