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Sue Glascoe

My name is Sue Glascoe and I am passionate about helping students to succeed, and enhancing the teaching and learning of math with technology!

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Electronic CV/Resume
(updated January 2017)

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Personalized Math Lessons
Since I retired from teaching full time May 2015, I am expanding my Media creation business and opening it up to home-schools, teachers, students and anyone who wants a math lesson built specifically for them, on demand. The link will be to the business I am starting. Stay tuned! OnDemandCurriculum
Technology in Education
I write a blog about using technology to enhance the teaching of mathematics. Most of the technology I write about and use can be utilized to teach any subject in K - college level. Tech4MathEd
Technology in Education
I am a technology and media consultant. This page will give you information about projects I have worked on, presentations and workshops given, along with information on how to contact me.
Retired College Instructor My professional website for the college I taught at. This website contains all of my past course materials. College Website
Flash Animation Designer and Creator The Flash animations on this website were created for my Math For Elementary Teacher's Course, but would be helpful for anyone wanting to understand how and WHY arithmetic works. I am also working on building more Algebra Flash animations. *Looking into transferring these files to HTML5 Arithmetic Tutorials
Educational Advisory Board Member
This website contains the LIvescribe pencasts I have created. I have included both the downloadable .pencast files as well as links to the pencast on the Livescribe Community website. Livescribe Pencasts
Non-Profit President/
My husband and I co-founded The North Star Bridge Project in 2009. NSBP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit designed to help college students build a bridge to success. For more information about how we help students and how you can get involved, please visit our website. The North Star Bridge Project

To learn more about my teaching background and eduation, go to ABOUT ME

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