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Professional Essay Help

I have been asked about help for writing assignments.  I am able to help with math assignments, but I have a guest blogger letting you know about a service he recommends for writing.

Guest Blog Post by: Vineet Maheshwari

PaperWritingHelp.net, the place to Find Professional Essay Writing Help if You Want to Become a Better Writer

In the US and the UK, academic writing has always been considered as an essential part of higher education. Modern students of all academic levels are assigned tons of written assignments that account for the most part of student grade in practically all classes. Students live under great pressure trying to complete several college papers every semester: essays on various topics, term papers, business plans, literature reviews, research proposals, etc., and the final most complex task – a dissertation. Where can you find time to complete them all and meet extremely tough deadlines, especially if your writing skills are far from perfect, or English is not your native language?

Due to digital technologies, today’s students can use innovative ways to solve their problems and to get professional assistance with their huge amount of coursework on numerous essay writing websites, the so-called custom paper writing services. For example, if you struggle with your arduous assignment and are afraid to fail, you can easily get high-quality paper writing help on paperwritinghelp.net, a well-known website among students that provides affordable sample papers for money, or you can buy a model paper on some other good site that offers essays for sale.

You can find a lot of such sites on the web practically in no time if you type a request ‘write my essay’ or ‘buy essays for cheap’ and use Google search. The number of online essay writing services has skyrocketed in the recent years, and now there are special sites that post reviews and rate custom writing companies so you can find information about the quality of their services that will help you decide which company you can trust.

It would be too risky to deal with the cheapest service. You should choose among sites with top ratings. First of all, you should browse these websites, analyze what they offer, what guarantees they provide, what writers they hire, look through their samples, compare their prices, and only then make a decision what option is the best for you. You may also join some student forums where they discuss online writing agencies and share their experience of using them to improve their grades and choose some of the sites recommended by the students.

What Kind of Paper You Get When You Pay for Professional Paper Writing Help Online

  • If you order your model essay on a reliable service where you can hire a qualified writer with real lecturing and writing experience, you can be sure that your custom assignment will be written from scratch according to your requirements.
  • The writer will be able to do a thorough research and give a good analysis of your topic.
  • Your paper will be perfect in style and properly formatted.
  • You will get some kind of a practical writing guide for dummies that will help you master the trickiest details of academic writing style and better understand your topic.
  • Your model essay can be used a great tool to push your own skills to the next level and become a better writer.

*The words in this post do not reflect my opinion on writing services; they are solely the words and ideas of the guest blogger. 


Distance Education with the Livescribe Smartpen


I had a college professor contact me recently to show me his embedded pencast PDF (text embedded in the background).   It was so fantastic, I asked him if I could write about what he is doing with his smartpen in his distance education classes for English.

Here is a link to open the pencast PDF he sent me. He used it to give a student feedback (he asked the student for permission for me to post this):


Now that you are as impressed as I am, here is a little bit about the gentleman who created the pencast.

Timm Hackett is in the English department at East Carolina University.  Rather then me telling you about how he uses the Livescribe smartpen, he has given me permission to share his story with you (he obtained permission from his students to quote them as well).

Timm Hackett

The Livescribe pen has been a part of my English Distance Education courses at East Carolina University since October 2009. The pen has not only given me the ability to communicate with my students on a more personal level, but it has also allowed me to be more efficient in my teaching. What started out as a way to capture my own notes for writing turned into the most requested method of teaching from my DE students.
DE classes have always tried to emulate face-to-face classes; however, even the most advanced uses of technology fall short of their intended effect. Podcasts are wonderful for audible learners, but disregards students who may be visual learners. Videotaping classes requires a great amount of preparation, sufficient bandwidth and storage space on both the professor’s and student’s side, and cumbersome equipment. Even when faculty use such technologies, the outcome is less than adequate. This often leads to more work for the professor and continued frustration for the students. More often than not, a professor will fall back on what one graduate student described as a “document dump” into Blackboard or Moodle.
This is where the Livescribe can alleviate many of these issues. 
Larissa Putnam, a student in the ECU Wells Fargo Partnership East Program (http://www.ecu.edu/cs-educ/partner_east/), stated, “What Distance Education students often feel is lacking in their overall experience is a sense of community and connection; however, putting a voice, and handwriting to a name really personalizes the lecture format in a way that a typed document cannot.”
Even when the pencast is not a lecture, but comments on the student’s own writing, it succeeds in providing feedback to the student. Frank Campione, a junior studying for his BSBA in Information Technology struggled with one aspect of composition. Even after seeing comments in the Word document, Campione still was unclear on the concept being taught. However, after combining his document and a PDF pencast, he wrote “[The Pencast] has an added bonus of giving distance education students more personal input from their professor, something that is lacking in some distance education classes.” One of Campione’s classmates, Paula Daughtry, a student studying Special Education, went a step further in her praise for what the Livescribe pen provided her: “”I really liked how you were able to write and speak concerning my paper. Yes, this is perfect for DE students like myself! I felt that I had a face-to-face meeting.”
Using the technique of the embedded PDF pencast has increased the value of the Livescribe Pen. Now, a professor can print pages of a digital text and embed audio comments directly into the pages, make annotations and audio comments directly onto a student’s paper, and share these PDFs with an entire class. This allows the DE students to listen to or watch a pencast, and even print the document when they are finished.
Perhaps the best comment received was from Vickie Willis, another student from the ECU Wells Fargo Partnership East Program. She wrote, “I liked the Livescribe pen and pencasts so much that I went out and bought one and hope to incorporate its use into my own classroom one day. I believe it will be a great tool to help students struggling, especially with math, by viewing a pencast explaining mathematical computations.”
I am so inspired by Timm’s latest email to me:
“After finding your site and the instructions on using embedded PDFs, I have been asked to present on the Livescribe four times this year. Two have been to my University as a whole, one has been to my own department, and in two weeks, I will present to the Atlantic Coast Business, Marketing, and Information Technology Education Conference in Raleigh. “
What an amazing difference the Livescribe smartpen has made for Timm, and now he is making a huge difference by sharing his experiences as well.  If you would like to find out more about him, Timm’s website is:   http://core.ecu.edu/engl/hackettt/.

Story Boards for Kids…and Adults!

A recent trip to San Francisco connected me to some really fantastic teachers with amazing energy and enthusiasm!  Zoe is one such person.    To get to know her better, here is her website:


She also writes a  blog about smartpen uses:  http://livewithlivescribe.edublogs.org/*
*This site was developed as part of a joint Ministry of education and Ontario Teacher Federation funded project with a focus on teacher learning and professional development. In this project, teachers collaborate and discuss the uses of the Livescribe pen in the classroom.

Her family was lucky enough to make the trip to San Francisco with her, and her 8 year old son created this wonderful storyboard about his adventures in San Francisco using a Livescribe smartpen.  (Thank you Zoe for letting me share your son’s wonderful pencast!)

I think this is a fantastic idea for teachers to use with students who feel like they are not good writers, or don’t know how to get started!   If you have your students make pencasts, please share them with me at tech4mathed.sg@gmail.com


1-Subject A5 Notebook 4 p. 50 (click on this link if you cannot see the pencast below)
brought to you by Livescribe

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