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My Activities at ISTE 2010 in Denver

Link to the actual Hyperstudio Stack in HTML5

I had a great time at ISTE!  This is the first time I have ever been to a conference and stayed in the vendor area the entire time!

I worked with several companies while I was there.   Every day I spent some time in the eInstruction booth showing folks how I use the Mobi, CPS Pulse student response clickers, ExamView and Workspace in my own classes.   That was very exciting!  I was so busy that I didn’t get any photos of their booth!

I also presented with Jim Marggraff, CEO and founder of the Livescribe Pulse smartpen at a breakfast on Tuesday morning.   It was amazing to meet the man who invented the Leap Pad and the Livescribe Pulse smartpen!  I presented the next day at their poster session as well.

I spent a lot of time in the FableVision Learning booth as well, with my friends Peter and Paul Reynolds and the FableVision Learning staff!   I finally got to meet Peggy Healy Sterns, who created Stationary Studio and The Graph Club (Tom Snyder Productions).  She is currently working on a new project called fab@school with FableVision and Mackiev Software (and other great folks).  Photos and more information about this project if you click on the photo above!

You can see some photos of my adventure on the link below:  It will take you to my Hyperstudio 5 stack on the web.    If you are using a Mac, you need to use Safari, and on a PC, you need to use Internet Explorer (there is a plug-in for Hyperstudio for Safari and Internet Explorer).  I had fun making it!  Be sure to click on the pictures!  Some will take you to other websites and some open videos!  Pretty neat software created by my great friend Roger Wagner (Mackiev Software sells Hyperstudio 5), who spent some time showing me the ins and outs of Hyperstudio AND a chained Bible from the 1500s!  I wish I had a photo of that


Upate on ISTE Breakfast with Livescribe

To see the article directly, go to Livescribe Blog

This is the breakfast I will be speaking at, right after Jim Maggraff, Chairman and CEO of Livescribe Inc!


ISTE update – opportunities with FableVision Learning

I am excited to share another part of my upcoming ISTE conference with you.  I found out just today that I will have the pleasure of helping with the Constructivist Celebration the day before ISTE begins!   As a FableVision Learning Amabassador, I am often given amazing opportunities to work with the great folks at FableVision Learning during conferences and workshops like this!

To learn more about the Constructivist Consortium, go to the website at:

During the ISTE conference I will also be helping out in the FableVision Learning booth, showing some of their wonderful software products like Animationish and Stationary Studio.    I am really excited to meet the  designer of Stationary Studio, Dr. Peggy Healy Sterns,  who has a new project called Fab@School.  She will be at ISTE and available to share details of her newest journey!


Getting ready for ISTE 2010 in Denver!

Over the next few weeks I will posting about some Educational Technology companies I will be presenting for, and working with, at ISTE 2010 in Denver.

Today I had a chat with some colleagues at eInstruction about my role for them at ISTE.  I was selected to be one of the original cadre of National Certified Instructors for eInstruction, and recently underwent a fantastic 3-day training event in Maryland!   I met some amazing teachers there, and learned more about several educational (and inspirational) products that I am very excited to share with other teachers at ISTE!

I will be working in one of eInstruction’s  “sharing stations” (my terminology, not eInstruction’s)  helping teachers form ideas on how to use the Mobi, the CPS Pulse clickers and Interwrite Workspace, to enhance any classroom activity or lesson.

The Interwrite Workspace software is the “heart” of the collaboration between the Mobi and the Clickers in an interative classroom experience.    This software allows the teacher to present their lesson using any software on their computer or website, and then have students participate with the activity or lesson with both Mobis and CPS Pulse Clickers for immediate feedback.   The Mobi also allows the teacher to walk around the room and engage with their students on a more personal and interactive level.

The Mobi is a mobile interactive whiteboard:

The CPS Pulse clickers work seemlessly to send immediate feedback to the LCD screen on the Mobi, and allows the students to input anything from letters and numbers, to math symbols!

If you plan on being at ISTE 2010 in Denver, please stop by the eInstruction booth and say hi!


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