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GlogsterEDU Projects for Students


Next week my students in my Math For Elementary Teachers class will be creating a Glog:  an interactive, online poster.   GlogsterEDU will allow them to create their Glog for free and publish it to their Google Website for the class.

I just finished creating a new Glog to show a few uses of the Livescribe smartpen in the classroom.  I plan on using this as an example when I teach them how to use GlogsterEDU.

Link to the Glog if you cannot see it above.

I will post some of their work when completed!


Amazing Student Glogs!

My Math For Elementary Teachers classes finished their first set of projects last week.   I got permission to post some of their work on my blog.  I think you will be as excited about their work as I am.  One of the projects was to write a 30 minute classroom activity, based on one of the lessons from class.  They were to use the free online program called Glogster:

Here is the link to the Glog

Here is a link to this Glog

I am having a great time grading these!


I Glogged my syllabus

I created my first Glog ever!  I believe my students will have a lot of fun creating one as a project for my course.  In the same manner as I created samples of a mindmap, and a Prezi, I took my syllabus and turned it into a Glog for my students.

link to the glog

Clip to Evernote


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