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Tech4MathEd QR Code!

Scanning my QR code gives my website, and other contact information I have included, along with a bio!   Anyone can create one through Jumpscan.com , and it is FREE!


A Leading Teaching/Technology Blog and Google

One of my favorite blogs to follow is Free Technology For Teachers.  I have followed Richard Byrne’s blog for over a year now and have found many fantastic, not to mention FREE tools for teachers.

I was there again yesterday looking for some information about Google Apps (I really do go to his blog first when looking for information about teaching with technology!)  and I found exactly what I was looking for!   He has given me permission to share his tutorials with you on my blog.   He has created several fantastic resources about using Google for Teachers, and Richard is a Google Certified Teacher.

Here are a few of the Google Tutorials he has built.  You can download them for free on his website at the following link:   Google Tutorials

Google for Teachers Google for Teachers II Beyond Google

Richard Byrne keeps up on the lastest free technology out there, and has quite a few Free Downloads on his website!

If you are looking for information on how to create blogs, website or videos, his blog is perfect for that as well!   His blog was awarded Edublog’s ” Best Resource Sharing” and “Best Individual” award in 2009.

Check out his blog at   www.freetech4teachers.com/

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DropBox: An Incredibly Useful (and FREE) Tool!

I rarely carry a USB drive any more, now that I have found Dropbox!  Not only is it a free online storage location, but it is cross platform as well!   I can store a file in dropbox on my Mac, then open the file from dropbox on my Windows machine, my iPad, and my Droid phone!   I have all my important documents accessible from anywhere (and yes, I do back them up offline, “just in case”).

I found out yesterday you can even share a folder inside your dropbox.   As an Ambassador for FableVision Learning, I received an invitation to share a folder that contained a “yearbook” of all the current Ambassadors.  We each have access to it and can edit our own contact information.   VERY slick!

To start your FREE dropbox account go to:  http://www.dropbox.com/ Once you open an account, there is a free app for the iphone, iPad, Android,  and Blackberry, as well as downloading the application to your Mac or PC!

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