New Tech to Try!

I apologize for not writing more posts this semester, but I have been swamped with work and play I just received the new wi-fi Livescribe smartpen called SKY today and I promise to write a blog post soon about the … Continue reading

New “Insight” into Teaching with Technology!

Introduction to the Insight 360 system by eInstruction I have been using eInstruction’s Mobi, MobiView and CPS Pulse clickers, along with their Workspace software now for several years.   At times, having to open different programs to run the clickers with … Continue reading

Students Learning -AND having fun!

Today in class I passed out the Mobis! I have had my students sitting in groups since the first day of class, but today I thought I would add more interaction and have them contribute to the board notes.   … Continue reading

Off To A Great Semester With Technology!

A new semester has begun and I have added a few new ways to help my students succeed. I borrowed my colleague’s idea to have 2 students take notes during every class using a Livescribe smartpen.  I then upload the … Continue reading

Getting Published!

I wrote an article for Community College Week magazine about how I use technology to enhance teaching and learning both inside and outside of my classes.   I was excited to find out last week that they accepted my article and … Continue reading

Mobile Whiteboards, Smartpens and Bloom’s Taxonomy

What do mobile whiteboards, smartpens and Bloom’s Taxonomy have in common?   A great all-day workshop teaching high school teachers, and their students who are in a teacher education program, how to use mobile whiteboards and smartpens through the use … Continue reading

How to Teach with a Broken Foot

image taken from: Somehow I managed to fracture the 2nd metatarsal (OK the image is NOT my foot, since the arrow is pointing to the 3rd metatarsal)  in my left foot the first day of class!  I wasn’t sure … Continue reading

My Activities at ISTE 2010 in Denver

Link to the actual Hyperstudio Stack in HTML5 I had a great time at ISTE!  This is the first time I have ever been to a conference and stayed in the vendor area the entire time! I worked with several … Continue reading

Getting ready for ISTE 2010 in Denver!

Over the next few weeks I will posting about some Educational Technology companies I will be presenting for, and working with, at ISTE 2010 in Denver. Today I had a chat with some colleagues at eInstruction about my role for … Continue reading

CPS Pulse clickers and Workspace – great for immediate feedback!

I spent some time today playing with my eInstruction CPS Pulse (clickers) and the Mobi software called Workspace.   I wanted to create a short “how to” video on getting immediate feedback from your students while teaching a class.    One of … Continue reading