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Back in the game

Things have been crazy busy since I retired last May from teaching at Mesa Community College!   I sailed in the Virgin Islands for 3 weeks, then had several projects waiting for me when I returned.   Life has been very good.  But I have not had time to do any more research on technologies for the classroom.

I am working steadily from home (and the sailboat) now, and love having the time to do more research on technology in education.  If you have a product or application you would like me to review, please email me at tech4mathed.sg@gmail.com and I will do some research and write a blog post about my findings.

For many years I have had companies wanting to sponsor me and have me, in turn, place a link to their website on my blog.   I resisted in the past since I had a full time teaching position and wanted to do the research for my own students.  Now that I no longer have students, I have decided to accept sponsors to help fund my research on the best technology for teaching math.  If you are a company, or know someone who would like to sponsor my blog, please reach out at tech4mathed.sg@gmail.com.



Moving All to Tech4MathEd

I had a very productive and busy day!  I spent it moving my blog to a sub-folder of my domain (tech4mathed) and then moved my entire work website  from the college’s server over to my tech4mathed folder (that was no small task – I have created a huge website full of materials over the past 10 years!).

Finally I created a page for my consulting background and a new home page.  Whew!  There are still updates needed to be made, but at least it is all moved over.

I finally have every professional “hat” I wear connected on the same website with links to everything I have accomplished and still hope to accomplish.   I have wanted to do this for a while, but it seemed like just too big of a job!  It did take all day, but it will be so much easier to manage everything now.

For those of you who follow me on twitter, I will be phasing out my @suegmc twitter account and will only be using my @tech4mathed and my @northstarbridge accounts to keep everything updated.

Please take a look at the website at www.tech4mathed.com and let me know if there are any dead links, I would really appreciate it!  Any ideas for improvement would be welcomed too!

Sue Glascoe


A Leading Teaching/Technology Blog and Google

One of my favorite blogs to follow is Free Technology For Teachers.  I have followed Richard Byrne’s blog for over a year now and have found many fantastic, not to mention FREE tools for teachers.

I was there again yesterday looking for some information about Google Apps (I really do go to his blog first when looking for information about teaching with technology!)  and I found exactly what I was looking for!   He has given me permission to share his tutorials with you on my blog.   He has created several fantastic resources about using Google for Teachers, and Richard is a Google Certified Teacher.

Here are a few of the Google Tutorials he has built.  You can download them for free on his website at the following link:   Google Tutorials

Google for Teachers Google for Teachers II Beyond Google

Richard Byrne keeps up on the lastest free technology out there, and has quite a few Free Downloads on his website!

If you are looking for information on how to create blogs, website or videos, his blog is perfect for that as well!   His blog was awarded Edublog’s ” Best Resource Sharing” and “Best Individual” award in 2009.

Check out his blog at   www.freetech4teachers.com/

Clip to Evernote


Welcome to the NEW domain for Tech4MathEd!

Welcome to my new “home”

I gave in…I became aware today of the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

I was using the FREE WordPress.com, but was not able to embed any of the flash based files I wanted to.   So I took the plunge over to WordPress.org and got my own domain for a WordPress blog so NOW I can embed Flash!

I am still trying to decide on a theme, because the theme I was using there isn’t available here.   I also need to straighten up some of the blog postings that got messed up in the transfer, but I WAS able to go ahead and embed EVERY file I had wanted to earlier, including:   Livescribe pencasts, YouTube videos, Prezi presentations, Jing and Camtasia videos!   Deep sigh of relief!  I hope you will join me on the new site for my blog!   I could use some suggestions on the theme, too 🙂

Sue Glascoe

~following my North Star!


I am a "published" author!

I was asked last week by Livescribe if I would be willing to write articles for their blog.    I wrote my first post and it went up today.

Check it out!

“The Beginning of My Livescribe Pencast Journey”



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