Software (on my computer  – some free, some paid)

  • eInstruction Workspace (comes with the Mobi, but I use it all the time instead of PowerPoint)
  • Livescribe Desktop (free, but without the pen there isn’t much you can do)
  • Animationish (not free, but the most fun art animation program I have ever seen!)
  • Hyperstudio5 (not free, but worth the minimum price – much more creative than PPT!)
  • Jing (it is free, but for $15/year you get longer videos and save to .mp4 format)
  • Snagit (it can crop like Jing, but has more features for a small price)
  • Camtasia (pay for it, but it creates fantatic videos for education)
  • Flash (expensive, but well worth it if you want to make professional looking animations)
  • Dreamweaver (I use for my college website and started it before Google was around!)
  • Photoshop (need I say more?  Lots of free stuff out there, but I purchased the CS4 suite)

Online Software (Free or you can get a paid account)

  • Google (email and apps)
  • Evernote (amazing free notebook!  can view on Droid, iPad, and both my Windows and Apple computers!)  can even store Livescribe pencasts there now!
  • Dropbox (incredible FREE online storage where you can get to your files from Droid, iPad/iPhone and any computer!)
  • Prezi (great free online presentation tool!)
  • Glogster (Education version – free)
  • MindMeister (I use paid version for more mindmaps)
  • WordPress (I have my students create a blog to share)
  • Blogger
  • WolframAlpha
Apps for the iPad  (some free, some paid)


  1. HI Sue,
    techBASIC is a multipurpose STEM App for the iPhone/iPad. Math functions can be manipulated to allow students to move them around and explore their properties.
    Here’s a short video:
    If you contact me I can give you a promo code so you can try it out.
    Our company, The Byte Works, Inc. wrote the scripting language for HyperStudio.

  2. Hilaire says:


    I found your blog browsing for iPad resources on math.
    I want to let you know about Dr. Geometry, a tablet interactive geometry application I wrote for my students.

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