My Student Hyperstudio Projects

Student Hyperstudio5 Projects The final project I had my Math For Elementary Teachers do for the course was to create an interactive Hyperstudio Project. The projects are too large to be viewed well inside my blog, so I have created … Continue reading

Summer Projects for Visual and Interactive Math

I have been sitting here staring at my computer for the past week since I got back from an amazing time with a room full of extremely innovative teachers in San Francisco as part of the Livescribe Educational Advisory Board. … Continue reading

Creating INTERACTIVE activities with HyperStudio5!

Link to the official Hyperstudio website In my spare time (ha ha) I have been playing with Roger Wagner’s Hyperstudio 5.   (Luckily Roger Wagner himself has been helping me!!)  What a fun program!    My goal is to create … Continue reading

My Next Adventure in Teaching

In just a couple weeks I will be down in Tucson, AZ giving a hands-on workshop to teachers and administrators.  They will have full versions of software in a computer lab to play with! A representative from the AZ Department … Continue reading

My Activities at ISTE 2010 in Denver

Link to the actual Hyperstudio Stack in HTML5 I had a great time at ISTE!  This is the first time I have ever been to a conference and stayed in the vendor area the entire time! I worked with several … Continue reading

My next technology journey!

I have been having several interesting conversations with Roger Wagner, the creator of HyperStudio, lately about teaching with technology.   He passed on some great teaching ideas!      It would be really fun to use my Lumens DC265 document camera and HyperStudio … Continue reading