My Student Hyperstudio Projects

Student Hyperstudio5 Projects The final project I had my Math For Elementary Teachers do for the course was to create an interactive Hyperstudio Project. The projects are too large to be viewed well inside my blog, so I have created … Continue reading

GlogsterEDU Projects for Students

CREATIVE ONLINE PROJECTS Next week my students in my Math For Elementary Teachers class will be creating a Glog:  an interactive, online poster.   GlogsterEDU will allow them to create their Glog for free and publish it to their Google … Continue reading

Creating a Text Embedded Interactive Worksheet with a Livescribe Smartpen

EMBEDDING TEXT BEHIND A LIVESCRIBE PENCAST PDF Recently I learned how to embed text behind a Livescribe pencast and it has changed everything! I created a short interactive worksheet to show what can be created with this process.   The following … Continue reading

Getting Organized

ADDING MY VIDEOS TO THIS BLOG I have heard from several people that they would like to see some of the educational videos I have created.  I realize there was a pull down menu at the top of my blog … Continue reading

Mapping my Syllabus (again)

I am rewriting a blog post from a year ago… Last year I used a mindmap of my course syllabus to show them an example of mapping out something.  They will be mapping out at least one unit and bringing … Continue reading

Summer Projects for Visual and Interactive Math

I have been sitting here staring at my computer for the past week since I got back from an amazing time with a room full of extremely innovative teachers in San Francisco as part of the Livescribe Educational Advisory Board. … Continue reading

Writing Math in Windows 7!

I was so excited to see a new window show up when I upgraded to Windows 7…it is called the Math Input Panel.  With a name like that I had to be excited before even trying it out!   I … Continue reading

Creating INTERACTIVE activities with HyperStudio5!

Link to the official Hyperstudio website In my spare time (ha ha) I have been playing with Roger Wagner’s Hyperstudio 5.   (Luckily Roger Wagner himself has been helping me!!)  What a fun program!    My goal is to create … Continue reading

I Made My First Interactive GeoGebra Applet!

Logo taken from the GeoGebra website – holiday version! I have met several people in the past year (some only virtually) who have convinced me that learning GeoGebra would be a great addition to my tech tools for teaching mathematics. … Continue reading

A Leading Teaching/Technology Blog and Google

One of my favorite blogs to follow is Free Technology For Teachers.  I have followed Richard Byrne’s blog for over a year now and have found many fantastic, not to mention FREE tools for teachers. I was there again yesterday … Continue reading