Deriving the Vertex Formula for Parabolas

This video was created to show students how the vertex formula for parabolas was derived

*this video was created using the Lumens HD Ladibug document camera

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  2. William says:

    I think these are very helpful tips. I try to read the setiocn we are going over in class before I go to class but rarely have. I noticed that when I did get a chance to read ahead it helped me to understand what was going on in the lecture much easier. Before the tests I look over the homework problems we had and I do a couple of them to make sure I understand what I am doing. Then I read through the book on the setiocns that we are being tested on and I take notes on those setiocns. My favorite thing to do right before the test is to take a quick nap. It helps me relax and not freak out before the test so that I go in calm and ready to do well.

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